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In the event that the wrong size is revealed or received the Immedistely notify the Royal Blings home office

within 5 days of sale at

The item will then need to be returned to Royal Blings home office with details of the situation

After review, Royal Blings will provide the  or Custumer with a replacement item.

For replacement please fill out the for we your order number and attach the picture of item,

we will provide you shipping label to ship back to us the item. 

After we receive item from you we will process replacement 

if you do have that specific item in stack we will send to you new item.

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!


send us an email to:

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!


Do you provide International delivery?


Unfortunately we do not ship internationally this time. 


How do I return an item?

Sample of email format: To:

Subject: Order Number

(include order number)

Email Body: Customer Name

Date of sale Details of defect Images of item.

What is your returns policy?

In the event that a piece has been properly cared for yet has a defect (ie: stone has fallen out, stone missing, broken pieces) the Immedistely notify the Royal Blings home office within 5 days  of sale along with images of the defected piece at

How do I track my order?


When your order is shiped out you automatically wil receive tracking number.


What are your delivery options?


All shippins USPS priority mail

Please allow 2-4 business days for processing,

and once processed, orders will be received

within 3-7 business days.

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